Exhibition “Living with an assistance dog”

Assistance dog teams are fascinating: They embody the will to overcome limitations. The courage and will to live, which manifests itself in the teams, invites a change of perspective.

Public relations work is an important foundation for creating recognition and support for assistance dog teams.
Our interactive touring exhibition Living with Assistance Dogs aims to provide information and build community throughout Germany. It also serves as a platform for the action days of the three-year access campaign.

  • Many thanks go to Aktion Mensch, who made it possible for us to create the exhibition.  With your yearly ticket, you support many valuable projects.
Foto der Assistenzhunde-Ausstellung :: Auf dem Foto sieht man die Fotowände der Ausstellung Assistenzhunde der Pfotenpiloten.

The exhibition conveys on attractive illuminated panels what makes life with assistance dogs so valuable. Visitors learn how assistance dogs help with a variety of disabilities and what they mean for their humans. The exhibition also teaches the correct way to deal with assistance dog teams. Visitors explore questions such as the following:

What is an assistance dog?
What limitations do they help with? How do they help?
How do they change the life of the affected person/family?
Take a seat in a wheelchair to experience an assistance dog experience via VR film.
Learn the correct behaviour in dealing with teams
How are assistance dogs trained?

On touch screens and with headphones, visitors can follow stories of assistance dog owners and watch assistance dogs in action. Furthermore, the exhibition contents are offered in English, set to music and translated by a sign language interpreter.
We attach great importance to accessibility and visitors can request assistance as needed.

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Broschüre Assistenzhundteams

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Foto Assistenzhunde Ausstellung :: Auf dem Foto sieht man ein Bild der Assistenzhunde-Ausstellung.
Auf einer Fotowand ist die

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Foto Ausstellung Assistenzhunde :: Auf dem Foto sieht man den Bereich der Ausstellung über Assistenzhunde in dem die Besucher eingeladen werden sich aktiv zu beteiligen.
Entweder durch die Teilnahme an der #AssistenzhundWillkommen Kampagne oder dem Setzen eines Fingerabdrucks auf einer Leinwand mit einer Hundepfote.
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So far the exhibit has been at the Hessentag and the Festival of Lights in Berlin. At the end of 2018 it can be seen at Hauptwache in Frankfurt. You would like us to visit your city? We are thankful for any ideas or suggestions of events where we could participate that have a large audience. Please send us an email with further information.