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Free of charge - but not for us!

Postage, shipping and printing incur high costs.
With your donation you secure a permanently free offer:

Information brochures

The comprehensive, handy brochure is available to assistance dog owners and interested parties free of charge. It makes it easy to inform others about the concept of assistance dogs.
We usually send out German language brochures. If you would like brochures in English or Turkish, please let us know in the form.

German brochure
German audio description

Link to English edition
Link to turkish version

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Info brochure assistance dog teams from the outside and inside

Information, quick & easy

For children or for simple, quick reading, we also offer brochures in DIN A 6 format. We will also be happy to send you these free of charge.

Short and Simple” brochure

Back cover - simple brochure.

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Front page assistance dog aka service dog brochure short and simple


The stickers of the access campaign “Assistance Dog Welcome” are available in size 10.5 x 11.5 cm, printed on one or both sides. The double-sided stickers are intended for sticking on glass panes (attach inside for better durability).

Our standard set consists of one single-sided and two double-sided stickers. You are welcome to note any deviating requirements in the comments field.

Please bear in mind that the production of the very high quality stickers is expensive. Please only order what you can place and please support the access campaign “Assistance Dog Welcome” with a donation.

Door Sticker "Assistance Dog Welcome"


The poster is in DIN A3 format and thus twice the size of DIN A4.

It contains the core statements of the information brochure and can be hung up in public spaces, waiting areas and entrance zones, for example.

The poster is also available free of charge, and is a good complement to the sticker and leaflets.

Free of charge...

… but not for us!
Help us to permanently finance postage, dispatch and printing so that the information remains free of charge.

Info poster