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Pfotenpiloten has already established quite a few different projects. With your help, we can do much more! Our IBAN: DE97830654080005281890.

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We are registered at the district court of Frankfurt am Main under no. VR15656.
registered as a non-profit and charitable association.

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Many well-known personalities stand behind our initiatives and support the Assistance Dog Foundation. However, we find it even more important that as many people as possible show their support for Pfotenpiloten and assistance dog teams to the outside world: As a
patron, with our unique Pfotenpiloten umbrella.
You can’t buy the umbrella, because it is an expression of support and commitment.

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Is sustainable assistance dog care and a comprehensive, independent team assessment important to you?
Become part of the Assistance Dog Foundation. There are many ways to make a big difference through your donation or endowment!
Send us an email or call us at 069-1532016-0.

€ 5 by SMS to 81190

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In a matter of seconds, you can support us with 5 euros by sending “Pfotenpiloten” as an SMS to number 81190. The amount will be forwarded by the mobile operator. Thank you!

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Support future assistance dog teams without paying a cent extra? Yes, that’s possible!

Pfotenpiloten is sponsored as a non-profit organisation by Gooding. With just a few clicks, approx. 5% of your online purchases go to us as a donation! Almost 1,500 of the best online shops are taking part.
This short video shows how easy it is:

1. Install the Gooding Toolbar here (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera);

2. On participating pages you will be invited by the toolbar

3. You don’t need a Gooding account to join. If you use it anonymously, however, we cannot assign the contribution to you.
We would therefore like to thank you very much in advance!

4. The first time you do this, define Pfotenpiloten as the donation recipient.

5. On future visits, just click on the blue buttons “Activate reward shopping” and then on “Shop now”. Two clicks – and up to 10% of your purchase goes to our work.

6. Instead of using the toolbar, you can simply start your shopping on start.

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Unsere Freunde von Betterplace haben alles “klickfertig” vorbereitet.
Now all it takes is your drive to get Pfotenpiloten moving forward again!

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