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Group picture "Assistance Dog Welcome" access campaign
DogMap - where can my dog go? Laptop and smartphone loaded with Dogmap.
Photo excerpt of the participants of the panel at the event on assistance dogs in the Bundestag.
Screenshot of a map of Germany with approx. 80 markers for assistance dog-friendly municipalities


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Our Films

This is just a small selection of the many videos and podcasts about assistance dog teams.

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Assistance dog teams and politicians have their say. Thanks to @Aktion Mensch

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The 2-minute video of our access campaign for the BMAS.

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Why hygiene is no reason to refuse access – explained by experts.

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Independent and non-profit

Pfotenpiloten is a non-profit organisation that campaigns for better groundwork. To do so, we form diverse partnerships – while at the same time taking care to remain independent of interest groups.

Our independence is central to our work. We therefore do not train assistance dog teams and never will.

Although the focus is naturally on the assistance dog handlers, we also keep the needs of the assistance dog, the assistance dog trainer, the public and any potential sponsors in mind. Only a concept that suits everyone can develop optimally.

Overview of Pfotenpiloten results - infographic showing the main successes of Pfotenpiloten, together with an appeal for donations and links to donation portals. Successes positioned around the Pfotenpiloten logo: - 3-year access campaign "Assistance dog welcome" - 60,000 door stickers improve access rights - 200,000+ information materials sent out - 250+ media articles reach 40 million people - DogMap: almost 500,000 entries! Thousands of DogMap users - 50 officially assistance dog-friendly municipalities, 31 will soon be assistance dog-friendly! - Living with an assistance dog exhibition (also in app) - 3 explanatory films on the subject of assistance dogs, access rights, hygiene - 35+ videos and podcasts - 4000+ posts in social media from the community - Collaboration with European dog associations. Assistance dog standard, CEN/TC 452 - Preparatory work for a European trainer diploma - Largest bibliography of assistance dog research - Team examination iCert360™ - Establishment of the Assistance Dog Foundation for quality assurance and promotion Your donation enables us to continue this work: Paypal to Donorbox at Transfer to Pfotenpiloten, DE05700222000020090502