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My assistance dog – also insured?

An assistance dog is not a companion dog, but rather a medical or participatory aid. Thus, it should be included in the personal liability insurance as a matter of course.

Pfotenpiloten recently picked up the phone and checked with nearly forty liability insurers.

Good news:

Ten insurances in Germany – Die Haftpflichtkasse, INTER, VHV, GVO “Topvit”, Degenia, Condor, AXA, ARAG, Die Bayrische and Alte Leipziger – already include assistance dogs in some or all contracts – reading the contract thoroughly can save money here!

Guide dogs for the blind are also insured with ERGO, BGV “Exclusiv” and Allianz.

The companies Getsafe, ONE, Hanse Merkur, HUK24 and Europa have rejected liability in the personal policy – this does not seem legal or correct to us.

Twenty-two insurance companies did not respond to our request.

Contract consulting

Do you know of other providers who also insure assistance dogs? Send us a message!