Become a Patron

Usually, non-profit organizations choose a famous patron as a sign that they are worthy of support. However, although we are happy that many well-known personalities support us, we would like above all that the topic is supported by large parts of society and that many people protectively place themselves around the rights of assistance dog teams.

That’s why we developed the Pfotenpiloten-Patron Umbrella. It cannot be bought, but is an expression of support: As a sponsor, for example, or through volunteerism. From the outside, it stands out due to the reflective edge and the text “SchirmherrIn der Pfotenpiloten”. On the inside, it is adorned with dog paws and many sayings that chase away the rain blues.

Exclusively for Pfotenpiloten supporters: Carry your support for Pfotenpiloten to the outside world

Novel design: Closed umbrella is dry

Innovative handle design

Good mood even in bad weather: Inspirational messages inside will save your smile

Reflective rim