Excerpt from two TikTok videos with assistance dogs.

Assistance dogs at the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA)

We are delighted – now the topic of assistance dogs has also reached the German Hotel and Catering Association (DEHOGA). At our meeting in Dresden, the DEHOGA Saxony team spontaneously initiated these Tiktok videos. Thank you very much!

#dehogasachsen #AssistanceDogWelcome


Für mehr Infos zu Assistenzhunden und der Verbindung zu DEHOGA folgt dem Kanal! #hunde #assistenzhunde #dehogasachsen

♬ Sad Instrument – Musik Instrumen

Antwort auf @Dehoga Sachsen Weiter geht‘s mit der Serie zu den Assistenzhunden: #assistenzhunde #hunde #hundevideos #dehogasachsen

♬ drowning (slowed + reverb) – Vague003

Antwort auf @Dehoga Sachsen Teil 4 der Assistenzhundserie: #assistenzhunde #hundevideos #hunde #dehogasachsen

♬ memories – leadwave

The “Assistance dog-friendly municipality” campaign was made possible by funding from Aktion Mensch.

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