At the moment Pfotenpiloten is establishing the non-profit and interest group independent Assistance Dog Foundation. In the near future, this foundation will take care of quality, promotion, research and collaboration in the assistance dog sector.

Assistance Dog Foundation develops ways to ensure that previously untested assistance dog teams also receive recognition and support. Our goal is that the assistance dog concept will continue to develop successfully and that in the not too distant future more people will have access to assistance in improving mobility and participation. This requires solid foundations for promotion, legislation and acceptance.
The Assistance Dog Foundation promotes quality as an independent institution, among other things by means of objective team testing for teams.
The examination processes are currently in the pilot phase.

  • Team evaluation

    Comprehensive, independent and video documented.

  • Recognition body

    Central contact point helps recognised teams.

  • Community

    Help each other, achieve more together.

  • Funding & Support

    Diverse support for certified teams.

  • Research

    Understanding the basics, making better use of opportunities.

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