An assistance dog can be the best solution for people with a difficult and unsettling disability. Lack of regulated standards, such as high costs, and certification, can make the search for an assistance dog a game of chance.

As an independent body, Pfotenpiloten and Assistance Dog Foundation (currently being founded) have the aim to improve the care in this field.

Why We Exist

The magic of assistance dog teams appears through the extraordinary partnership: between the owner and the dog, their trainer and our friendship circle. Pfotenpiloten´s mission is to make this magic possible. We don’t train our own dogs. As an independent and non-profit organisation, we offer advice and build a professional network of proven and committed trainers.
Once a team has been established, we help with financing and care. At the same time, our thorough assessment will establish high standards in this to-date unregulated industry.

What We Offer

Standards of Quality

Our trainers work independently and in accordance with our standards. An atmosphere of mutual respect in the network and our five part carefully documented assessment ensures high quality. Our organisation bases itself on the quality standard DIN 9001:2015, because quality does not happen by chance.

Woman in wheelchair gives a certificate to a white Labrador, who kneels before her. Image source: Pinterest. Origin unknown.
Dog with glasses reads a book. Image source CC, edited flickr.com_photos_kinjengsubmiter5

Objective information

We provide a detailed information portal. As soon as the foundations for the network are laid, we will offer information seminars for both those interested and their families. Detailed and objective information helps you decide whether an assistance dog is right for you.

Active Community

We educate the public about the importance, effectiveness and needs of assistance dog teams. Our vision is a society full of understanding, tolerance and inclusion.

Financial Support

Once the right team has been found, we help with financing. As an independent network, we keep administrative costs low. Our goal is to support an ever increasing number of teams with uncompromising quality.Take Part Donate

Who We Are: Our Committee

Roswitha Warda

Our first chairman has led and advised non-profit organizations over the past ten years. Social Innovation Management  studies at DePaul University, Chicago.

Martin Reh

Our second chairman is an independent consultant. With his expertise in quality management, he supports the establishment of a lasting foundation.

Dr. Onyancha

Our treasurer is a doctor in Offenbach Hospital. He appreciates assistance dogs for the quality of life that they give to their owners.

We support the ‘Transparency International Deutschland’ and commit ourselves to transparency. Find the name, location and address here. The founding year was 2015. Our articles are published here. Find the names and functions of the committee above this text.

For detailed descriptions of our aims, topics, and target groups, please refer to our annual report – and impact report according to the Social Reporting Standard (SRS). It also refers to the progress report (P. 14), personal structure (P. 22), information on the source, and use of the funds (P. 29)

Information on tax concessions:
Our work supports people with disability and animal welfare.
We are therefore tax exempt by the Frankfurt tax agency.

Our initiative is supported by the AndersGründer Programme of the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt, supported by KfW-Stiftung. With the project AndersGründer, people are encouraged and enabled to realize their ideas for solutions to a social problem in a sustainable and effective manner. They gain support from the professional team of the Social Impact Labswhich has already launched more than 100 startups at their locations.

Find our standards here.