Fotobanner Assistenzhund für Autismus :: Auf dem Fotobanner sieht man drei Bilder vier Bilder.
Auf einem Foto sitzt ein kleiner Junge in einem Bällebad und neben ihm sitzt sein Autismus-Assistenzhund.
Auf dem mittleren Foto sitzt ein kleiner junge auf dem Schoss seiner Ergotherapeutin in einem Therapieraum und spielen gemeinsam mit einem Autismus-Assistenzhund.
Auf dem rechten Bild krabbelt der Autismus-Assistenzhund vor einem Jungen durch einen blauen Spieltunnel.
Über dem rechten Bild ist ein kleineres Bild auf dem der Assistenzhund vor dem Tunnel steht.

About Assistance Dogs

Guide dog teams are generally well known in Germany. Few people know that assistance dogs assist and support their humans with a large number of chronic impairments. Assistance dogs offer practical help, signal oncoming health crises and work closely in a team with their human partner. Assistance dogs are specifically trained to support humans with chronic impairments long-term. They have learned to work and reach certain decisions independently. They live permanently with their human and make it possible for them to live a more mobile and independent life. This is what differentiates them from therapy dogs who only work with people for a limited timeframe. Assistance dogs are valuable helpers with four paws for their humans. Only healthy, even-tempered and reliable dogs master the demanding training. That is why no problems should be expected from assistance dogs. They should have accessibility to all public spaces – even there where companion animals are not permitted access.

Assistance dogs help their humans lead a more mobile, independent and healthy life. They relieve the family and, in many cases, assistance dogs prevent health crises and emergencies! Many studies verify the health, social, psychological and economic benefits of assistance dog teams. They offer their human partners with chronic impairments a better and more independent life. They assist them in their daily life, give them security, offer companionship and warmth. Loneliness disappears, life becomes more active: Body and soul benefit. Not only the assistance dogs offer their human a new quality of life. For the dogs themselves there is nothing better than to be needed by “their” human. Our four-legged friends create bridges between humans with and without chronic impairments and encourage contact and communication. Assistance dog teams fascinate: They are the embodiment of the will to overcome chronic impairments. The courage and will to live that they manifest, leads many to have a change of perspective. 

I found that the companionship of a dog heals any worry or sadness – more than any other source.
Doris Day