Our Partners

Many thanks to our supporters, who enable us to proceed with a variety of initiatives:


The Social Impact Lab, Frankfurt supports projects with a ‘social mission’. This scholarship has greatly  accelerated our start-up. Other Founding Programmes

Project Funding

The Action Mensch Lottery finances up to 1000 social projects every month with the proceeds and our interactive exhibition ‘Living with an Assistance Dog’. Buy an Annual Lottery Ticket


Postcode Lotterie ist ein wichtiger Partner der Pfotenpiloten und unterstützt uns auf vielfältige und wirkungsvolle Weise.
Link to the Postcode Lottery


Ein starker Verband nicht-konfessionsgebundener gemeinnütziger Projekte.
A Strong Community

Many thanks to our supporters

A huge thank you to all our sponsors and supporters.

This support has helped us a lot!