Labradorphote auf Frauenhand.

Corona pandemic and assistance dogs

Labradorphote auf Frauenhand. :: Eine Labradorpfote liegt freundschaftlich auf einer gepflegten Damenhand. Ein Armband buchstabiert den Namen von Assistenzhund Honey Bee.

What do dog owners have to consider in times of the Corona pandemic? What does the danger of virus transmission mean for assistance dog teams? How do I take precautions?

This article shares the opinion of hygiene specialist Dr. Schwarzkopf and the German Animal Welfare Association.

Dr. Schwarzkopf, who has already advised us regarding assistance dog teams in the medical field, has summarized the current status regarding corona hazards from dogs: Text.

The German Animal Welfare Association has also published corresponding information: Text.

At the moment it is assumed that dogs themselves are no carriers. Therefore, there is no reason to deny an assistance dog team access to public areas due to corona.

However, the virus could be transmitted by stroking a dog or adhering secretions. Dr. Schwarzkopf therefore recommends not to let the dogs be stroked by strangers, and also to make sure that the dogs do not get too close to other people in the open air. Contact ban also applies to dogs in these virulent times!

Even if the regulations are relaxed, the use of dogs for visitations or therapy purposes during the crisis should be avoided for this reason.

At a workshop of Pfotenpiloten the following thoughts were articulated:

1 – Who would take care of the assistance dog in case of an emergency? It does no harm to identify several possible supporters in the circle of acquaintances and family and to discuss the issue.
2 – Regarding provisions, do not forget the needs of the dog (plus any medication). If you are not mobile, you can use online shops to stock up on sufficient supplies.

3 – In general: please pause for a moment and consider how you can support your fellow human beings. We are not only thinking of assistance dog teams, but also of neighbours and acquaintances who might need help during this time. Many fellow citizens who are not so mobile find it difficult to cover their everyday needs or to prepare for isolation because of the current hamster purchases and resulting empty shelves.

What is your opinion?
Do you have any further tips?
How do you and your assistance dog stay healthy and good-humoured in this troubled time?
We hope you and your family and friends stay healthy and look forward to hearing from you.

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