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Freiburg – assistance dog friendly!

“The city of Freiburg is happy to participate in the assistance dog campaign. Because people with assistance dogs are welcome in all our municipal buildings. Assistance dogs are not only an important help for blind people, but also for people who are affected by diabetes, epilepsy or autism, for example, or who are dependent on a wheelchair. They should all be able to come to the municipal offices and services with their concerns without any problems.”

First Mayor Ulrich von Kirchbach

The mayor has sent a letter to all offices asking them to participate. In the annual meeting with the contact persons for inclusion in the offices on 18.09.2020, Councillor Ramon Kathrein additionally sensitised the colleagues to the topic.

Guide dog team in assistance dog friendly Freiburg
Councillor Kathrein kneels in the pedestrian zone next to his guide dog, a white shepherd.

The initiative goes back to Councillor Kathrein and Sabrina Parczany. The stickers are attached and the marked locations are entered in the DogMap.

Assistance Dog Friendly Freiburg 2020

The “Assistance Dog Welcome” campaign was made possible by funding from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the Aktion Mensch.
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