Accessibility Campaign “Assistance Dogs Welcome!”

… on the implementation of the National Action Plan for the UN Disability Rights Convention (UN-BRK)

People with chronic impairments should be able to participate in public life in the same way as unhindered citizens. Law and fairness demand this. Assistance dog owners, however, are often denied access with their assistance dog. Many people are not yet aware that there are assistance dogs for other restrictions other than guide dogs for the blind. Therefore, assistance dog teams are often hindered by prejudice and denied access rights.

The campaign is working at different levels and through different channels to improve the access rights of assistance dog teams until 30.9.2021. We cordially invite you to participate. At the bottom of each website you can subscribe to our newsletter. We will be happy to keep you informed about activities (about five to six mails per year).

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  • <a href="../video-awk/">Kampagnenvideo</a>

    Why are assistance dogs and their humans allowed public access everywhere? Why are they also allowed where other dogs are prohibited? A little boy tells about his mother and her assistance dog in this two-minute short film. Link to the campaign video

  • <a href="">Zutrittskarte – DogMap</a>

    On our international interactive map you can mark how dog-friendly or assistance dog-friendly public places are. Alternatively, you can give the information on 069-1532016-66. The DogMap can be integrated into your own website. The short address for the mobile phone is

  • <a href="../broschuere-assistenzhundteams/">Aufklärende Broschüren</a>

    Our educational brochure “Assistance Dog Teams” is available free of charge in German, English and Turkish. It describes what assistance dog teams do together, what they need from their environment and their rights. Broschüren anfordern

  • <a href="../tueraufkleber/">Türaufkleber</a>

    “Assistance dog welcome – here and everywhere” is written on the campaign stickers, which illustrate that doors should be open for assistance dog teams everywhere. They are sent free of charge to shops and public places. Link to the sticker

  • <a href="../zutrittsinitiativen">Zutrittsaktionen</a>

    During weekly “telephone-a-thons” we contact decision-makers in the economy and associations as a team in a focused way. In addition, we present the topic of assistance dogs at conferences, events and in direct discussions with responsible persons. Ihre Ideen sind willkommen!

  • <a href="../veranstaltungskalender/">Regionale Veranstaltungen</a>

    Action days also take place around our interactive travelling exhibition “Living with assistance dogs”. They invite people in various regions of Germany to act as ambassadors to make the topic better known in their city. Link to the calendar of events

  • <a href="../assistenzhund-willkommen-social-wall/">#AssistenzhundWillkommen Social Wall</a>

    Post a picture of yourself and/or your dog with #Assist DogWelcome and help spread understanding. Within a short time your selfie will appear on our Social Wall with all the other contributions. Link to the Social Wall

Partners of the access campaign

Vielen Dank an unsere Partner! Ihre Organisation möchte auch mitmachen? Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns.

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EU project for trainer qualification

Together with the EU we want to find ways to a recognized training for assistance dog trainers!


Many of the problems that exist in the assistance dog sector today can be directly attributed to the fact that there is no sound, practice-oriented and accredited training path or certification.
People who decide to take up this important and complex profession are therefore forced to work without professional recognition.

Pfotenpiloten is currently evaluating possible ways to establish a curriculum and certification for future assistance dog trainers together with experienced European partners.
If this evaluation is positive, there is the possibility to launch the program with a second funding.

Pfotenpiloten does not train assistance dog teams and does not aim to establish a school for trainers. However, as lack of training and qualifications in this area is always a reason for problems, we are happy about the chance to initiate important changes.

More informationen
Team L.E.A.D. :: Das Bild zeigt die Broschürenseite der zentralen Teammitglieder. Allen voran:
Peter Gorbing, Vorstand Assistance Dogs Europe (ADEu) und Assistance Dog International (ADI),
Tim O’Mahoney, Irish Guide Dogs for the blind,
Roswitha Warda, Pfotenpiloten/Stiftung Assistenzhund und Initiatorin von L.E.A.D.
David Adams and Judith Jones, European Guide Dog Federation (EGDF),
Teo Mariscal, CEO Bocalan Foundation und Assistance Dogs Europe (ADEu) Vorstand,
Tiamat Warda, Doktorantin zum Thema Assistenzhundteams und ehemalige selbständige Assistenzhundausbilderin.

Exhibition “Life with assistance dog”

In 2020 our exhibition will visit about 20 different cities. The events will be accompanied by action days, where people with and without disabilities, assistance dog owners and their supporters, will approach shops together. On this occasion we will also organize events at schools in the region.

If you know of beautiful, well-attended events in your region that would be enriched by the exhibition, please write to us! The Pfotenpiloten newsletter informs you about an exhibition in your area. Sign up for it!

Foto der Assistenzhunde-Ausstellung :: Auf dem Foto sieht man die Fotowände der Ausstellung Assistenzhunde der Pfotenpiloten.