Our Standards

To view our standards which have been split into four groups, please click on the following tabs.
These standards define the work of Pfotenpiloten and the Assistance Dog Foundation.
They have been subject to constant improvement and are altered when needed.
They include new findings from our participation in the CEN-Norm CEN/TC 452, for example.

Version from 27.01.2019.

  • Fulfills quality criteria for guide dogs, published in German Federal Gazette no. 117/1993 on 29.06.93.
  • Fulfills Assistance Dogs Europe (ADEu) Standards.
  • Is in accordance with §11 of the animal welfare law. Generally this means the successful examination from a verified dog trainer through the association of veterinarians in Schleswig- Holstein or in Niedersachsen, or the examination of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) in Potsdam from a dog teacher and behaviour consultant.
  • Has a template of an immaculate certificate of good conduct, certificate of health, an exert from the commercial register (less than 3 months old) to submit. Proof of occupational liability and legal protection insurance. Company meets all legal requirements.
  • Has a level of empathy and sense of responsibility for their clients. Goes as far as possible to meet the requirements of the clients. Tolerant and respectable in dealing with the client and their family.
  • Works and communicates in an honest, cooperative and constructive manner. Handles sensitive information confidentially.
  • A passion for animals and an enthusiasm for their work. Non-violent training methods – using positive training methods and consistency instead.
  • Documents the training process of the dog, as well as their instruction of the client and further developments of the assistance dog team.
  • Lives with their assistance dogs in the house (not in permanent kennel housing). Animal friendly care.
  • Establishes a reliable recall off-leash. Trains dogs who work in a joyful, reliable manner.
  • Honesty and integrity about the temperament, history and health of the assistance dog in training.
  • Communicates in a thorough, timely and competent manner.
  • Cares for their assistance dog teams longterm and offers them assistance when needed.