Laws and Initiatives Concerning Assistance Dogs

 :: Auf dem Foto liest ein kleiner weiß-braun-schwarzer Hund das Deutsche Gesetzbuch.
Der Hund sitzt dabei auf einem weißen Sofa und hinter ihm ist ein dunkelgrünes Kissen.

Why is a guide dog classified as an official aid and is paid by health insurance companies, including a monthly care package, but other types of assistance dogs are still not? The legal situation is still somewhat confusing and is still lagging behind on social development. The high cost of a well-trained assistance dog makes what could be a wonderful solution for many people with disabilities unaffordable. And there is still a lack of access to public spaces.

Since Assistance dogs have long been common in the US and UK, there is growing awareness in Germany that these dogs could have a strong improvement for many people with certain limitations. In February, the Federal Council made a decision which brought this issue to the attention of the Federal Government. The next steps will be to define clear standards to assistance dogs, and to establish a comprehensive independent test according to the Messerli Institute in Vienna.

We have presented here many different aspects of the current legal situation.

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