The paths leading to an accredited education for assistance dog trainer/instructors

Many of the existing problems in the assistance dog sector stem, for the most part, from a lack of a praxis-oriented, accredited education and certification processes for trainer/instructors. Therefore, individuals who decide to start this important and complex career have no choice other than to work without professional accreditation.
At the moment, Pfotenpiloten, along with experienced, reputable European partners, is evaluating possible ways to establish a curriculum and certification for future assistance dog trainer/instructors.
If this evaluation is successful there is a possibility that the programme will receive a second grant.
Pfotenpiloten does not train or instruct assistance dog teams and does not aspire to develop a school for assistance dog trainer/instructors. However, continuous problems plague the assistance dog sector due to lack of education, training and qualifications. Pfotenpiloten is therefore happy to have the chance to initiate some important changes. 

  • An EU-sponsorship allows us to evaluate if and how an accredited training and certification process for assistance dog trainer/instructors could be developed.