Make tails wag with your donation

Can you imagine what it means for a disabled person to start a more mobile and independent life with a well-trained assistance dog? This should be easier to achieve in the near future. With your help we can still achieve a lot!

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You can directly transfer your donation to us:
Pfotenpiloten – IBAN: DE05700222000020090502 – BIC: FDDODEMMXXX

Thank you very much for your donation! We will gladly provide you with a confirmation of your generous contribution. A deposit receipt or bank statement of up to €200 is enough for a donation receipt.

We are recognised by the Frankfurt tax office a non-profit charitable organisation. We are registered by the district court under no. 15656 as a non-profit association.

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Become a co-founder of the Assistance Dog Foundation

Are sustainable assistance dog care and comprehensive, independent team testing important to you?
Become part of our Assistance Dog Foundation which is currently being established.
Just send us an e-mail or call us at 069-1532016-0. There are many ways to participate!


Cost free donations through online shopping

Pfotenpiloten is supported by ‘Gooding’ as a non-profit organisation. With a few clicks, an average of 5% of your online spends are donated to us! Almost 1500 of the best online shops take part in this.

It’s so easy to do:
1. Install the Gooding Toolbar here (Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera Browser). 2. The toolbar will appear on the browser which you are donating on. 3. You don’t need a Gooding account to take part. Your donations are anonymous; we cannot assign your donation to you. Thank you so much for your help! 4. The first time you do this please make Pfotenpiloten as the receiver of the donation. 5. For future visits, click on the blue buttons to activate ‘Premium Purchasing’ and then click on ‘Buy Now’. With these 2 clicks up to 10% of your spends moves to supporting our assistance dog teams! 6. If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, simply start your shopping on

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Amazon will donate 0.5% of the money you spend on their site to us. You can set this up in 3 easy steps.

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(1)Click the on the banner on the left, (2) log into your Amazon account, (3) in the future, instead of using the usual ‘website URL, use to shop.
Pfotenpiloten automatically remains as the registered recipient.

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Your Own Event: Easily Made

Birthday? Anniversary?

Our friends at Betterplace have made everything “click-ready”. Now all you need is your energy to get Pfotenpiloten back on track!

Sponsors, big and small

We are looking forward to partners who enable the promotion of assistance dog teams or become part of the Assistance Dog Foundation. At our nationwide events there are also various sponsoring possibilities for your company. For a personal conversation please send us a message.