Rules of Participation: DogMap Raffle

I. Eligible persons
(1) To participate in the DogMap competition, users must create a free account by registering. In addition to a valid email and user name, the participation box must be marked in order to participate in the competition. Please note that your username may be published if you are among the top 300 most active participants.

If the registration is performed on the same device where locations have already been marked, they may be assigned to the account. Whether this is possible depends on various technical prerequisites. There is no entitlement to consideration of previously made markings.

(2) Participants must be logged into their account to register marked locations. A mobile DogMap app is available free of charge in the Android Play Store and in the Apple Appstore. It is easy to see if you are logged in, as the profile is then displayed in the top right-hand corner in the menu.

(3) Anyone who has reached the age of 18 is eligible to participate. Minors may participate with the consent of their legal guardians.

(4) Participation is possible all over the world. However, shipping and redeeming prizes abroad may incur additional shipping costs, which must be paid by the winners. This applies to both the shipping of a collar and the redemption of a Fressnapf voucher. Fressnapf ships free of charge only within Germany and with a minimum order quantity of €29. Furthermore, the Fressnapf coupons are only valid until 30.9.2020.

(1) The DogMap competition lasts until August 16, 2020.

(2 ) At 4 pm on August 16, 2020, the 300 most active participants – those with the highest number of entries – will be identified via query to the database. Entries made before 2 August 2020 may also be added to the account and will then be taken into account when the top 300 are selected. This is sometimes possible if the account was created on the device on which entries were previously made. A claim for inclusion of previously made entries is not possible.

(1) The top 300 participants will receive an eMail that they will be included in the raffle. The raffle takes place on August 16th at 18 o’clock CST and will be filmed.

Winners will be contacted to confirm their mailing address and/or to select the size and design of the dog collar/provide the shipping address. Shipping to foreign countries may incur additional shipping costs. Winnings from Fressnapf vouchers will be announced by email and sent to the recipients after feedback. So check your email after the raffle!

(2) The following prices are offered:
Prize 1-10: A pearl embroidered leather collar with brass buckle:
Fine quality and craftsmanship,
Prize 11-15: 50 Euro voucher for (valid to Sep 30, 2020)
Prize 16-40: 25 Euro voucher for (valid to Sep 30, 2020)
Prize 41-90: 10 Euro voucher for (valid to Sep 30, 2020)

(1) The DogMap competition aims to make the DogMap known and to generate a large number of entries. Participation is free of charge and not obligatory.

IV. Organizer
Organizer of the DogMap competition is Allianz für Assistenzhunde – Pfotenpiloten e.V, represented by the first chairwoman, Roswitha Warda,
℅ PIER F – Zukunftshafen, Franziusstraße 8-14 (3rd floor), 60314 Frankfurt.