Life with an Assistance Dog 7

“Being out and about with the dog gives a quality of life, which, as someone with an illness, could never have imagined. As someone who could not go out in the dark for more than 20 years, or only with great fear or with medication, it is an unbelievable release.

She is very very focussed on me. I can even go to town without her being on the leash as she’s always at my side. I can completely rely on her.”

Life with an Assistance Dog 8

“I believe that it’s a great thing for my dog and for me, as a disabled person, to be in this team. We are together 24/7, we do everything together and she is really happy when she can help.

I think everything is great as it is now. I have my free time, I can take the dog everywhere and we spend all our time together. It’s really fun.”

Life with an Assistance Dog 9

“Independently of his actual tasks as an assistance dog, it is a great support that there is simply another Being with us.

The dog is a protective wall, I’ve always thought. The moral support that keeps you on track.”
(Mother of a boy with Autism)

Life with an Assistance Dog 10

‘Dogs intantly put you in a good mood. You go out, you are not alone, I can talk to my dog all day and he is happy about it.’

Foto Frau bekommt Spielzeug von Hund

Leben mit Assistenzhund Amelie S.

Dadurch dass Enya mich jetzt als Assistenzhund an alle möglichen Orte begleiten kann, habe ich einfach die Möglichkeit wirklich mehr Sachen zu machen.

Foto Frau im Rollstuhl mit Assistenzhund

Leben mit Assistenzhund Angela

Durch meinen Hund komme ich schneller in Kontakt mit anderen Menschen oder Hundehaltern und er freut sich immer, wenn er mich sieht